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Lloyd Doggett

I Live in Comal County. Is my US Representative Really Lloyd Doggett?

Unfortunately, perhaps he is.  While most of Comal County is well represented by Chip Roy, a few of us unfortunately are Represented by Lloyd Doggett.  Lloyd Doggett’s District 35 includes portions of Austin and San Antonio and a strip connecting the two cities that runs through Comal County along I35.  See the map on the right.

Lloyd Doggett is a 73 year-old liberal Democrat, who was elected to the House of Representatives in 1994.  He was rated by the Lugar Center with a 25% bipartisan rating during the 2017-2018 Congressional Term, which means he is very partisan and does not play well with others.

Below are his positions on some issues:

He dislikes Trump, leading the way in investigations and lawsuits.  Additionally, he seems to vote in ways to spite Trump.  He recently joined Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to vote NO on border humanitarian aid, introduced and supported by 95% of his fellow Democrats, because (according to Doggett):

Not another dime for Trump’s wretched immigration policy. This bill lacks effective restraints on the lawless President who will administer these appropriations. Funds intended for toothbrushes and toddlers could be diverted to detention and deportation. A parent who mishandled their children, as this Administration has to those on our border, would be denied custody.  Votesmart

He has downplayed or perhaps misrepresented his views on abortion, but from his voting history, it appears that he would place no restraints on abortion.  In 2003, he voted NO on the Partial Birth Abortion Bill.  This Bill was ultimately signed into law by President Bush, prohibiting physicians (except where necessary to save the mother’s life) from partially delivering a kicking full-term baby’s lower body and sucking the baby’s brains out while the head was still in the mother’s birth canal.  

More recently, in June 2017, he voted NO on HR3504.   This bill would require a health care provider who is present during an abortion where the baby is born alive to exercise “the same degree of care as reasonably provided to any infant born at the same gestational age” and to transport the baby to the hospital.  It also authorized the woman on whom the abortion was performed to file a civil action against the health care providers who failed to care for her child.  These premature babies are routinely wrapped in a blanket and left alone on a counter until they die from lack of care.  Almost always the mother is not informed that the baby was born alive.

Little wonder he has a 100% rating by Planned Parenthood and 0% rating by National Right to Life.

He claims to have a more moderate position on the 2nd Amendment, but it is difficult to imagine a gun restriction he would oppose or a gun right he would support.  He had a 13% rating from the National Rifle Association for 2018 (which seems high given his voting record).  His record shows he has voted against state reciprocity for concealed carry, the Veterans 2ndAmendment Protection Act, and The Share Act which would require the federal government to increase opportunities for fishing and recreational hunting on federal lands.  In the Heller case, the Supreme Court case held that the “District of Columbia does not have the authority to enact laws or regulations that ‘discourage or eliminate’ private ownership or use of firearms,” He voted NO on Congressional Action that would repeal the DC laws.  He also voted NO on a bill passed after 911 that allowed properly trained airline pilots to carry a gun.

Gender Identity
On May 17 of this year, he co-sponsored and obviously voted YES on the Equality Act, which among other things, “prohibits individuals from being denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.”  In other words, any physical male who claimed to be transgender could not be denied access to the shared women’s dressing room at Das Rec or your church or any business open to the public.  it would not be sufficient to provide a reasonable alternative.  This bill passed the House of Representatives, but fortunately did not get anywhere in the Senate.

He joined Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and voted NO on funding the entire Department of Homeland Security (including the Border Patrol) for 2019.  He obviously voted against the wall at every possible opportunity. He appears by everything he has said and done to be an open-borders democrat.

Tax Cuts
He voted against the Trump Tax Cuts and voted against the limited bill that would make those tax cuts permanent for families and small businesses.

He voted against a bill that “repeals certain restrictions that limit costs for medications paid out of the health savings accounts for over-the-counter prescription drugs, insulin, or menstrual care products.”

He voted against the Right to Try Act that authorized terminally ill patients to use non-FDA approved drugs under certain circumstances provided they have completed phase 1 clinical trials under the Public Health Service Act.  This Act was passed by the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Trump.

He voted NO on the First Step Act that allows certain inmates, mostly those have been convicted of low level drug crimes, to earn credits for early release into halfway houses if they participate in job training, education, or faith-based classes. This Act also passed Congress and was signed into law by President Trump.

He voted NO on Kate’s law, named for the young lady who was gunned down in San Francisco by an illegal alien, while strolling with her family after dinner.

He has voted NO on any restrictions on criminal illegal aliens.

It is difficult to imagine someone running to the left of our Lloyd Doggett.  Yet, for some reason, District 35 keeps voting him into office.  Many Republicans and Independents, who share none of his far-left positions, keep casting their ballot for him because, perhaps, they recognize his name and are unfamiliar with his positions.

Feel free to research his voting record for yourself at


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